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Why the construction industry should take a closer look at modern shipbuilding

Martin Stacey highlights a fascinating comparison of today's ship building methods and the futuristic concept cities of the 60's. He explores shipbuilding's head start on MMC vs the construction industry at large, and how building design and construction can benefit from similar practices.


Why I matterlab

A story from Laurence Elsdon, explaining his journey to working at matterlab and why he feels inspired to work here - filled with Geordie puns!


A tale of 1 major new feature, 2 enhancements and 24 hours

How we rapidly fixed a quality of life issue with a new feature, and the fun we had in the process!


Specifying Level of Information (LOI). The NBS Toolkit & Uniclass 2015 Under the Magnifying Glass

The NBS Toolkit is a great reference resource for many and also, it provides a good starting point for clients who may not have defined information requirements.


To test, or not to test... Part 1

Part 1 covers the benefits and costs of writing tests into your code.


To test, or not to test... Part 2

Continuing from ‘To test, or not to test… Part 1’ by Aleksandra Barecka Should we care about testing our front-end if the back-end is covered with tests?


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