Our products

We are experts in building and developing products. We do this for our partners across the AEC industry and for our own projects too.

Latest applications

Since we launched matterlab, our team have been developing a number of tools across a range of use cases. From early-stage feasibility studies to cloud data management, we build quality-led products that enhance ways of working for teams. We also help our partners with custom workflows or existing tool enhancements.

ArchiveHub allows BIM 360 users to access a complete offline, local version of their BIM 360 data.
unitize enables designers to automatically generate residential layouts for building masses inside Revit.
ValidationHub enables BIM 360 users to create strict quality standards for all files uploaded to their projects.

Our approach

Our experience building tools and workflows for partners has helped us to refine our approach to software development. We have a tried-and-tested methodology that enables us to deliver powerful and effective products, when you need it most.    

Cross-functional team

Having a strong and dynamic team is instrumental to achieving the best results. We bring together a diverse skill set to produce original, intelligent solutions.

Agile delivery

We use project management software to work closely with our clients and track our time effectively. We also share a progress report every fortnight.

Behaviour-driven mindset

Collaboration is key. We work closely with our partners to develop products for them, making sure that the end result satisfies the users needs entirely.

Engineering discipline

We use best practice and industry standards to make sure our company coding standards are of the highest standard and consistent across our products.

DevOps culture

We exercise an open culture and champion transparency across our team. This allows us to feed back on work and rectify mistakes in code quickly and easily.

We are Forge developers

We are a certified Autodesk Forge developer. This means we are qualified to provide training, integrate systems, develop software, create custom workflows and offer BIM support to Autodesk customers on their behalf.

We also support on development projects with Autodesk. To date, we have collaborated with their Autodesk consultants, BIM 360 and Forge developers, Revit and Dynamo product teams, and the Generative Design team. We have expertise in the use of Forge, Dynamo, Refinery, BIM 360 Revit, Navisworks and AutoCAD.

Our Forge Services

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