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The proliferation of data is everywhere these days, and it comes in many forms. Your business, like any other, wants to make decisions and be kept informed of what’s going on in a project, with a client or even with your team(s). But can it do so successfully? Do you have data floating around when you need information?

Information Management (IM) strategies and services are imperative if you are to keep accurate records, make informed decisions and move your business forward with information.

Our offering

matterlab’s in-house subject-matter experts have extensive experience in working on some of the largest projects globally as well as businesses of all sizes across the Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Operations (AECO) spectrum all of which required significant IM strategies to ensure they ran efficiently and effectively. Our expertise enables us to advise you on the right solutions and processes to implement enabling informed decision making leading to more predictable and profitable outcomes.

Discovery and Audit

We run workshops with your team(s) to help us understand where you are in your IM journey and uncover areas for improvement. 

Platform setup

We ensure that all the details in the solution you choose, or we recommend, are set up to support the processes identified in the strategy and support your needs inc. user permissions, workflow configuration and more.

Strategy creation

Our extensive knowledge of writing digital strategies for global businesses ensures they reflect and support the delivery of your organisation’s vision and goals.

Onboarding and Training

With any new tool or process, it is imperative everyone using it is taught the correct procedures and best practices. We cover both introductory and advanced workshops to cover different users ensuring they learn what is specific to their role.

Our Approach

Forming strong partnerships with our clients, we couple our digital transformation abilities with a grounded approach to BIM management and implementation. We believe in:


We like to keep things simple. That way we deliver what you need in a timely manner.


Communication is key., and clear communication is essential. We steer clear of jargon and technical babble where possible.


Our solutions are always designed to be scalable. Whether that is the implementation of a strategy or a new piece of software we have created.


We partner with you from start to finish. We aim to provide quality support from your initial discussion to your last with us.

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