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Leverage our team of technology experts, software developers and designers to bring your product vision to life. Technology and industry needs are changing and for many of our clients digitizing processes is key to keeping pace. Based on our experience, we'll work alongside you to scope out your idea and develop a product management strategy to help achieve an end-to-end solution that transforms your business.

Our Offering

Our in-house software development team can build almost any tool imaginable to improve your workflows or replace an unfriendly Dynamo graph with a neat plugin, or standalone application.

Why build bespoke solutions?

We often encourage our clients to think more specifically about how their business operates and how a custom tool will fit in with their current processes.

  • Can be built to solve your direct use-case
  • You are in control and changes can be implemented quickly
  • Precisely matches your working processes, resulting in improved efficiencies
  • Differentiate your approach from your competitors
  • Integrate easily with other internal processes and applications
  • Costs of off-the-shelf software can often be deceptive
  • With off-the-shelf software you are often charged for features you may not need or use

Our three stage process

Software development is one of our core areas of expertise and we do this using our three-stage process.

Stage 1 - Prototype

We create a prototype using off-the-shelf tools, Dynamo graphs, and standalone scripts to prove the validity of the new workflow and ensure the solution stands up to the use-case. We can tweek this quickly to iron out any issues we find along the way. Typically this will stage last between 4-8 weeks.

Stage 2 - Functional and technical specification

In this stage we gather requirements, run workshops with relevant stakeholders, look at the solution architecture and users stories/journeys, wireframe the design and conceptualise the UI/UX.

Stage 3 - MVP Development

In the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) development stage we work in 2 week sprints where we develop the code for the application, test it with the users identified in Stage 2, and implement and handover to your team.

Delivering value

Our three-stage process has been developed over several years working on software development for the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry. It enables us to deliver the following benefits to you, as follows:

  • Discover value effectively
  • Deliver value sooner
  • Deliver quality at speed
  • Adapt (the tool) with confidence via feedback

Have an idea in mind?

Our belief is that you get the best outcome when we work “with” you rather than “for you”.

We recommend that you allow between 6-12 weeks for more simple solutions for example a Revit plugin that replaces a non-automated process or Dynamo script. More complex applications will take longer and as such, timescales for development will be identified and outlined clearly during our engagement.

Our Approach

Forming strong partnerships with our clients, we couple our digital transformation abilities with a grounded approach to BIM management and implementation. We believe in:


We like to keep things simple. That way we deliver what you need in a timely manner.


Communication is key., and clear communication is essential. We steer clear of jargon and technical babble where possible.


Our solutions are always designed to be scalable. Whether that is the implementation of a strategy or a new piece of software we have created.


We partner with you from start to finish. We aim to provide quality support from your initial discussion to your last with us.

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