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matterlab appointed by Clarion Housing Group

David Flynn

matterlab appointed by Clarion Housing Group to develop and implement their digital vision

The UK’s largest provider of affordable housing, Clarion Housing Group, has partnered with matterlab, a London-based product and innovation lab, to bring technology and innovation to the forefront of their offering.


In June 2020, matterlab was appointed by Clarion after an invited tender process to find a partner to support them with their digital vision. 

matterlab will lead the implementation of some of Clarion’s new digital technologies, workflows and tools throughout the business, beginning with the development function. Clarion currently has around 125,000 existing properties across over 150 local authorities, and a current pipeline in excess of 17,000 new homes.


Clarion is currently developing digital strategies to revolutionise how their customers engage with property across a building’s lifetime. They are doing this by investing in the initial design and input stage, so that construction and maintenance costs are lower later on — thereby achieving a better balance in long-term revenue growth.

matterlab are specialists in advancing design and construction processes and will use their experience to help realise Clarion’s vision by empowering them with above-industry-standard BIM processes that are augmented by customised tools and workflows. These technologies will help Clarion to significantly reduce the cost of development whilst also offering a more personalised living experience for tenants.

Clarion is dedicated to developing a digital ethos and its partnership with matterlab acknowledges a need to develop industry-specific technologies and transform processes in the housing sector.


David Flynn - Co-founder, matterlab

“We work with some of the most innovative companies in our industry, helping them to find better ways of working. Our partnership with Clarion Housing Group is one built on a desire to innovate, a drive to improve the lives of tenants and a shared vision on home-building that can bring about industry-wide improvements in the construction industry. We are hugely excited to bring our approach to such a forward-thinking team as Clarion Housing Group.”


Dave Lee - Director of Digital Design & Offsite Manufacturing, Clarion Housing Group

“At Clarion, we are progressing through a new era of utilising digital technology to enhance our product, increase efficiencies and deliver on our mission to provide good quality, affordable housing to those failed by the market. We believe that, in matterlab, we have found the appropriate technology delivery partner to execute our shared innovations with cutting edge tools and processes. We are currently entering one of the most uncertain financial times in the history of the UK and affordable housing is more important than ever. Now is the time to come together and innovate to create a resilient future to be shared by all.”

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