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ArchiveHub Pro

Mark Thorley

Since we released ArchiveHub back in July we have been continuously improving the product and experience for our users. Today, we are pleased to announce that we now support archiving and backing up projects from both BIM360 NextGen and Classic.

AEC practitioners often have to meet stringent legal requirements when it comes to archiving data, such as holding onto construction project data for several years after a project has been completed. For ongoing projects, it is important companies always have access to a backup of their current project data readily available from their own infrastructure and storage.

ArchiveHub makes this process easier by allowing users to download a local copy of their complete project data with no data loss. Every file type, including all the versions are downloaded from BIM 360 in one go maintaining the same folder structure from your online environment. ArchiveHub keeps every bit of project information intact, including data on issues, comments, checklists and all other metadata and relationships between items. This data is invaluable if unexpected project or legal issues arise later on.

By using ArchiveHub Pro, companies can set up scheduled and automated archives of selected projects or their entire BIM 360 account.

How does it work?

ArchiveHub is quick and simple to set up. Simply configure which projects you wish to archive and a few configuration settings and away you go.

Let ArchiveHub do all the hard work and allow you to:

·       Download your complete BIM 360 project

·       Access your data when you like, where you like

·       Own, manage and move your data

·       Automate archiving at cloud-speed and with resilience


ArchiveHub Pro starts at £80 per/month for up to 5 projects. For more information or prices for archiving more projects please contact us

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