Custom design tools

Custom design tools

We build custom tools and products for our partners, working closely with them to develop solutions that optimise productivity.

Collaborating with external specialists can help teams tounderstand how their business processes can improve. This has been a routine process for a long time across industries - but not in the AEC world.

At matterlab, we welcome opportunities to collaborate with organisations who want to optimise their workflows. We did this recently with the team at Make Architects, where we collaborated with them to build a custom tool to accelerate their residential design workflows.

Make Architects

Make's team used to spend a lot of time on residential projects finding a balance that optimised unit mix whilst also upholding the integrity of the site design. This process involved stress-testing design options, interrogating data and iterating many times to find the best possible arrangement. It was a very time-heavy, manual process, where each new shape needed to be evaluated to fully understand things like overall area, volume and potential unit mix.

Make asked us to help them to find a better way of doing this - to develop a system that accelerated this process. After running several workshops with their architectural team to explore the design process, we worked together to find a solution that enhanced their standard method.

The result was a plugin that integrated directly with their chosen design platform (Revit), enabling them to fast-track the parts that were holding them up. We ran workshops with them to translate their design process into an algorithm and then we built a tool around it, finishing with a custom product for Make's architectural team that massively sped up their design workflow.

This collaboration was beneficial in many ways. It not only helped Make to save time and money, but it also meant we had identified a tool that could help many other residential architects around the world as well.

We leveraged the idea and adapted it, standardising the technology to make our own product, unitize, which is now available to purchase.

Find out more about unitize on our Products page.

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