Autodesk BIM 360 and Forge integrations

Autodesk BIM 360 and Forge integrations

As certified Autodesk Forge System Integrators, we're qualified to create products and integrations that can help you to enhance your BIM 360 experience.

Our team have over 10 years' combined experience with Autodesk BIM 360, a world-leading project management platform for the AEC industry.

During this time, we have worked directly with Autodesk to help them build new tools and features for BIM 360. In 2019, we also became one of their official Autodesk Forge System Integrators. This means that we're certified by Autodesk to build integrations and solutions for companies who use their ecosystem.

We've created bespoke BIM tools for a number of our partners, allowing them to have better, more efficient BIM 360 experiences. Our in-depth knowledge of Autodesk's technology means that we can easily identify and build effective solutions for our partners.

We also build BIM 360 products ourselves to streamline and standardise the platform. These tools provide the user with more options, enabling them to understand more about their project data and helping them to manage projects in cleaner, more efficient ways. All of our products are backed up by cloud infrastructure.

You can find out more about sizemyhub, validationhub and archivehub on our Products page.

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