Our team have a strong focus on the housing sector with experience of working with housing associations, house builders, developers and modular home manufacturers. We combine an understanding of BIM and the technical challenges of the housing sector to deliver the best solution at any stage of a project.

Many of our team have spent large parts of their careers involved in residential construction projects and over the years, we have developed the learnings gained into a robust solution for the technical challenges faces by house builders. Whether that be implementing a digital transformation at a housing association, or customising design tools to suit the needs of a house builders, we are built to support the goals of faster and higher quality housing across the UK.

Our work with Clarion Housing Group has been broad and involves aspects of BIM (Building Information Management) and the knock-on effects of a transformation such as this. We support internal and external stakeholders in the establishment of the information requirements for all projects, built on a well established Digital Goals approach. We couple this with the development of advanced technologies like KOPE to support the move to more offsite construction techniques. With alignment of goals, requirements, delivery and execution, we allow our housing partners to build better, build faster and give their tenants the best possible homes to live in.

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