Generative design for businesses

Generative design for businesses

We're experts in generative design processes. We partner with leading teams around the world to help implement generative design into their businesses.

Whether you're looking to optimise an office layout or explore alternative designs for a building, generative design is a solution that can improve workflows and explore design options in a completely different way.

We're experts in helping businesses to use and benefit from generative design methods across the built environment. In 2020, Autodesk commissioned our team to develop their Generative Design Primer, which offers a very comprehensive introduction to this approach in an AEC context, along with machine learning and other computational concepts.

Our team have backgrounds that span architecture, computational design and software development, and this expertise enables us to bridge the knowledge gap between these industries. We have built workflows using generative design on projects focused on BIM, MEP and architecture.

We also offer support in generative design strategies for businesses. Working with us gives you access to some of the most progressive and qualified minds on generative design in the AEC industry, helping you to get the most out of this new, exciting approach.

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