Data management

Data management

Data management solutions, application design and build. We are experts in data solutions and can help you to leverage data, making your information do more for your business.

Siloed information isn't good for collaborative working.

We know this from experience and that's why we have experts in our team who have worked in dedicated data management roles, from managing information software and authoring tools like BIM, to strategically implementing systems and standards in data environments.

We combine this experience with our in-house computational design capabilities to build products that connect directly to design tools, helping teams to move and reuse data easily across a portfolio.

We also have a strong track record in developing data management processes for situations where information is siloed in locally in Excel, cloud storage, CDEs or local servers.

And finally, we're developing original products at matterlab that will allow teams to move data between design tools. This means they can bypass interoperability issues that are partially solved by Industry Foundation Classes (IFC).

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