Custom development

Custom development

Software development is one of our core areas of expertise. We can help you to build brilliant solutions using our three-stage process. / We build custom tools and products for our partners, working closely with them to develop solutions that optimise productivity.

Cloud-based solutions are focus as they make day-to-day tasks easier by leveraging automation. They offer businesses and users a more stable, efficient and intelligent environment for storing information and assets. They're also quicker to use, more accessible and scalable. But it's not always straightforward. Migrating historic IT systems can present challenges to businesses - there are servers to manage, automated deployments to configure, distributed systems to organise, and more. We know this because we've spent years building cloud-based solutions for teams across the AEC industry and for our own projects at matterlab, too.

We can help you to modernise and transform daily processes, whether that's unlocking and managing local data (on Excel, for example) by building web applications supported by cloud-based Content Management Systems (CMS), or designing and implementing cloud-based generative design processes that can perform hundreds of simulations in seconds. As well, we have in-house UX/UI experts who can make sure that your cloud-based solution is easy to use - not only for specialists but for everyone across your business.

Stage 1: Prototype

In the first stage, we work closely with you to fully understand the challenge at hand. This usually lasts between 4-8 weeks and ends with a fully-working prototype to prove the validity and use-case of the solution.

Stage 2: Functional and technical specification

In the second stage, we define the functional and technical requirements for the product. We do this through a series of workshops with you and your key stakeholders to build the overall blueprint. We explore your user journeys and hone in on the best ones, using them as a focus point for developing solution architecture. Then, we run prioritisation workshops where we identify the fundamental assessment criteria for the Minimum Viable Product (MVP). This stage ends with an in-depth Functional and Technical Requirements Specification report that outlines your MVP’s capabilities, appearance and interactions with users. This report can also be used for putting out to tender the development of the MVP.

Stage 3: MVP development

In the final stage, we use the information we've gathered during stages 1 and 2 to develop your Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Using agile methods, we work in 2-week sprints to develop and refine a solution that can be easily rolled out and adopted across your organisation. Each sprint feeds into a set of larger milestones that makes it easier to understand our progress. This process ends with a complete MVP that's ready for implementation in your organisation.

Throughout this process, we make sure that we're open and transparent with you about our progress - we ask you for regular feedback on our work so that we can deliver a final product that you're completely happy with.

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