Cloud-based solutions

Cloud-based solutions

Cloud-based solutions can unlock many opportunities for businesses. We can help your team to achieve more using web technologies.

Cloud-based solutions are good because they make day-to-day tasks easier by leveraging automation. They offer businesses and users a more stable, efficient and intelligent environment for storing information and assets. They're also quicker to use, more accessible and scalable.

But it's not always straightforward. Migrating historic IT systems can present challenges to businesses - there are servers to manage, automated deployments to configure, distributed systems to organise, and more.

We know this because we've spent years building cloud-based solutions for teams across the AEC industry and for our own projects at matterlab, too.

We can help you to modernise and transform daily processes, whether that's unlocking and managing local data (on Excel, for example) by building web applications supported by cloud-based Content Management Systems (CMS), or designing and implementing cloud-based generative design processes that can perform hundreds of simulations in seconds.

As well, we have in-house UX/UI experts who can make sure that your cloud-based solution is easy to use - not only for specialists but for everyone across your business.

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