BIM and Information Management

BIM and Information Management

Digital transformation, BIM implementation, information management. We can help you to transform digital workflows across your supply chain. We are experts in data management and can help you leverage BIM and Operations datasets.

For over a decade, our team have been consulting to construction firms around the world on best practice for digital transformation, BIM methodologies and technology implementation. We have extensive 'on-project' experience with BIM implementation, BIM management and information management. We provide a blend of on- and off-site consulting directly to leadership teams, helping you to identify and implement enhanced, effective workflows across your supply chain. Working with us offers more than simply delivering and managing BIM documentation. Our broad experience means we can offer a holistic approach to complex technical issues to identify appropriate and effective information management solutions. We have implemented BIM processes on projects across Europe and the Middle East with a particular focus on large, complex implementations.

Siloed information isn't good for collaborative working. We know this from experience and that's why we have experts in our team who have worked in dedicated data management roles, from managing information software and authoring tools like BIM, to strategically implementing systems and standards in data environments. We also have a strong track record in developing data management processes for situations where information is siloed in locally in Excel, cloud storage, CDEs or local servers.

Alongside our BIM implementation services, we support our customers as the appointed Information Managers on many large construction projects across the UK. Through this role, we support design teams and client alike in their development of project information and the configuration of these datasets for use during operations.

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