BIM implementation

BIM implementation

Digital transformation, BIM implementation, information management. We can help you to transform digital workflows across your supply chain.

For over a decade, our team have been consulting to construction firms around the world on best practice for digital transformation, BIM methodologies and technology implementation.

We have extensive 'on-project' experience with BIM implementation, BIM management and information management. We provide a blend of on- and off-site consulting directly to leadership teams, helping you to identify and implement enhanced, effective workflows across your supply chain. We can also input into solution design.

Working with us offers more than simply delivering and managing BIM documentation. Our broad experience means we can offer a holistic approach to complex technical issues to identify appropriate and effective information management solutions.

And we know that projects aren't always straightforward. Each one is different. So if things change, we can be flexible, adjusting tools and processes accordingly.

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