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KOPE: optimisation for everyone

Optimisation has been live in KOPE since September 2021, enabling our customers to run thousands of "what if" scenarios and come up with solutions that are optimised for their projects. Learn about the innovations that power optimisation in KOPE and the story behind them.

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Why the construction industry should take a closer look at modern shipbuilding

Martin Stacey highlights a fascinating comparison of today's ship building methods and the futuristic concept cities of the 60's. He explores shipbuilding's head start on MMC vs the construction industry at large, and how building design and construction can benefit from similar practices.

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Why I matterlab

A story from Laurence Elsdon, explaining his journey to working at matterlab and why he feels inspired to work here - filled with Geordie puns!

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Superusers in the AEC industry (and how to become one)

Computational designers, technology specialists, or ‘superusers’ are all titles for a new type of job in the AEC industry that's getting people excited. Bridging the gap between traditional AEC roles and programming, these professionals are using computational solutions to make our industry more efficient. In this piece, find out more about what's involved and how you can do it too.

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Creativity and AI: Rethinking automation in architectural design

New technologies are changing the relationship between architects and design. It's a controversial issue but, at matterlab, we're building products that use these technologies. So how should we approach it - should we embrace new technologies or reject them?

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Investments and rising start-ups in the AEC industry

Investments into the AEC space today total well over $2.3bn. As a rising start-up in this industry, we're particularly interested in how this money is being distributed. In this piece, we take a look at some of the investments happening right now.

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