How we do what we do.

A tale of 1 major new feature, 2 enhancements and 24 hours

How we rapidly fixed a quality of life issue with a new feature, and the fun we had in the process!

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Specifying Level of Information (LOI). The NBS Toolkit & Uniclass 2015 Under the Magnifying Glass

The NBS Toolkit is a great reference resource for many and also, it provides a good starting point for clients who may not have defined information requirements.

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To test, or not to test... Part 2

Continuing from ‘To test, or not to test… Part 1’ by Aleksandra Barecka Should we care about testing our front-end if the back-end is covered with tests?

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To test, or not to test... Part 1

Part 1 covers the benefits and costs of writing tests into your code.

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Can solving a sudoku puzzle help us design?

Could the same logic used to solve a sudoku puzzle help us explore zone allocation in architectural design? The following blog post explores how the wave function collapse algorithm can be used to tackle a variety of problems that go from puzzle solving to zone allocation using adjacency constraints.

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The practicalities of building a start-up: Part 2

An overview of the logistical steps we went through to establish our business, from stability to growth.

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