ArchiveHub is the most complete BIM 360 archiving solution. Download, view and manage all of your BIM 360 project data easily.

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Why choose ArchiveHub?

ArchiveHub is the most complete BIM 360 archiving solution for AEC professionals, enabling users to download and browse complete project data easily. Whether it's for handover, archive or analysis, ArchiveHub keeps all information and file structures intact, minimising any risks of error or incomplete data.

Full backup for business continuity and compliance

Whether it's for legal, compliance or business continuity, AEC practitioners have to meet stringent requirements when it comes to archiving data, such as holding onto construction project data for several years after a project has been completed.  

ArchiveHub keeps every bit of project information intact, including data on issues, comments and all other metadata and relationships between items. This data is invaluable if unexpected project or legal issues arise later on. ArchiveHub also lets users download project data and store it on any location.

Project handover

Handing over is a normal part of any project - but it's hard to get right. Manually downloading every file on BIM 360 is difficult, takes a long time and can leave you with only partial project information.  

ArchiveHub makes this process easier by allowing users to download a local copy of their complete project data, with no data loss and a seamless transfer. Complete design information packages can now be archived at project milestones, allowing for better clarity and transparency on deliverables.

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Key features

Offline backup and reference

ArchiveHub is more than just a file downloader, enabling you to own a complete, interconnected copy of your BIM 360 environment offline. Access it any time from your own infrastructure.

More than just files and folders

Users can download all BIM 360 metadata for a complete perspective on projects, including issues, attachments and relationships between items.

Audit trail

Our technology allows customers to keep a complete version history of all files and data, so users can see every step of a project in a single location.

ArchiveHub Viewer

ArchiveHub's desktop viewer is designed to replicate the online experience of BIM 360, allowing for a seamless user experience.

Download your complete BIM 360 project

Keep data structure and file versions
Preserve folder structures from the original BIM 360 environment and full version histories of files.

Retain all BIM 360 items and relationships
Download all BIM 360 data from projects, including as issues, attachments, checklists, users and companies. All relationships between these items are preserved and linked directly to relevant files in the archive.

Make handovers easier

Create a transfer-ready archive
It’s easy to transfer your archive – simply send the '.archive' file along with a bundled viewer. The recipient won't need to install any software.

Access your data when you like, where you like
Our offline ArchiveHub Viewer works behind your firewall, without any complex deployments or software installations. Simply double-click to run.

Future-proof your project data

Recreate your BIM 360 environment
ArchiveHub's downloaded data makes it easy to recreate a complete BIM 360 environment in another Autodesk BIM 360 account.

Move your data
Users can move archives easily to other networks, cloud platforms or storage systems, without any special software. Your IT department has full control.

Secure and fast archiving

Secure by design
All archives are processed in Microsoft’s Azure cloud infrastructure in an EU data centre, where data is held encrypted at rest and in transit. We also wipe customer data from our system 14 days after an archive completes.

Archive at cloud-speed and with resilience
Let us do the hard work. All archives from ArchiveHub are assembled in the cloud, which means there's no risk of interruption if computers turn off or if internet connections fail.


Whether you're an individual BIM 360 user or a large corporation, we’ve designed our price plans to fit your needs.
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Archiving solution for your entire practice

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Archiving features
*Single archive pricing based on project size
Archive on-demand
Archive on a schedule
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Email support
Priority support
Scheduled archiving
up to daily
Data retention
14 days
30+ days
Advanced archiving
Delta downloads*
archive only changed files
Automatic local archive downloader*
Dedicated infrastructure & bandwidth
*coming soon
Customisation & integrations
Archive directly to custom destination (Sharepoint, etc)
Custom reports & white-labelling
API support or custom integration
Deployment to custom infrastructure
on-premise, private or public cloud
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